It’s challenging for managers to get their teams to perform at their absolute best. During the High-Performance Management I (HPM I) training, you’ll develop crucial skills to help you and your team perform to the best of your abilities. That’s what we call a “high-performance culture” within the team.

During the course, you’ll discover the three foundations of successful leadership; you’ll learn a situational approach to leadership; you’ll discover how to have effective communication at times when it really matters; and you’ll gain insight into your own behavior and how you relate to others. You’ll develop world-class skills as you receive training developed by internationally acclaimed training organizations.

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  • New managers who want to get off to a strong start
    A solid foundation is essential for managers who want to be successful and who want to create a team which performs at its best.

    The training provides managers with a time-tested leadership model, proven insights, and powerful communication skills to boost their performance as leaders.

  • Experienced managers who want to improve their skills
    The course offers experienced managers in-depth insights and new skills based on ongoingly developed theories.

    The course encourages participants to lead with vision and with a mission, through which a high-performing team is created. Especially for a manager who has had little formal training and has lead by instinct, this training will be a welcome change.


  • Be the leader your people need
    Successful managers give their people exactly what they need when they need it. They know how to develop competent, independent employees.

    You’ll learn how to create a culture of open dialogue where everyone can speak honestly and respectfully. This kind of culture increases motivation, drives innovation, and maximizes the use of your team members’ talents.

  • The development of a high-performance team
    Accelerated development gives employees the confidence they need to innovate and actively seek the best solutions to problems.

    A leader who is able to accelerate development, stimulate open dialogue, and coordinate individual styles, has all the tools needed to create a high-performance culture and achieve exceptional results.

PROGRAMMA High-Performance Management

Situationeel Leiderschap II logo

Day 1 & 2 – SLII

evenings 1 – 4

SLII® is a proven leadership model which has been used by 5 million leaders worldwide to increase productivity and improve results. Top organizations train their leaders to give their employees the right support at the moment that they need it. That’s how SLII helps managers influence the development, engagement, and productivity of employees.

Crucial Conversations training

Day 3 & 4 – Crucial Conversations

evenings 5 – 8

In two days or four evenings, you’ll learn to master the powerful Crucial Conversations skills for handling important conversations and creating a culture of open dialogue. Imagine that everyone in your team or organization had the skills to speak up. What would that mean for key succes factors as cooperation and motivation?

Everything DiSC training | VitalTalent

Day 5 – Everything DiSC

evenings 9 – 10

In the final part of the program, you’ll gain new insights from the Everything DiSC training. You’ll discover your strengths, see your own behavioral style, and learn how it compares to other behavioral styles. You’ll also become aware of your pitfalls as a manager and how to leverage your team’s differences.

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