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Sign in for a free virtual Sneak Preview of some of our high-quality training concepts. A sneak preview is a perfect opportunity to find out the value of the concept for your team or organization and learn some skills from the training at the same time.

• 60-90 minute during interactive session in a online training platform
• Easy to join through the browser (no software installation required)
• Free access for HR, L&D, management and executives.
• Max. number of participants is 20, so register on time!

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Training Sneak Preview
Crucial Conversations for Mastering Dialogue

How to create psychological safety in conversations?

Crucial Conversations for Mastering Dialogue is a high-impact learning experience focused on mastering conversations when the stakes are high, opinions differ and emotions run strong. Often, these are important conversations that determine the future.

Unfortunately, we are usually not at our best at key moments and fight or flight behavior arises. Crucial Conversations for Mastering Dialogue provides a set of skills and insights to properly conduct these sensitive conversations. Imagine that everyone in your organization has the skills to speak out openly and honestly, with respect to others and at the same time encouraging others to do the same. What would that mean for the organizational culture, collaboration and results?

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Training Sneak Preview

How to 10x your influence?

The Influencer training teaches a powerful and portable model for executing behavior change within small teams and across entire organizations. Influencer Training is a course for professionals and leaders that teaches proven strategies to drive high-leverage, rapid, and sustainable behavior change for teams and organizations without using formal power. Leaders and professionals learn to master Six Sources of Influence™ that motivate and enable others to take initiative, think strategically, and improve performance. By using these sources the right way, you can increase your influence up to 10 times! During the preview you will go deeper into this and you will discover some skills from the training that you can use immediately.

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Training Sneak Preview
Crucial Conversations for Accountability

How to build a culture of ownership?

On average, 95% of all employees find it hard to hold others accountable. They often feel like they don’t possess the necessary skills (or have the authority) to talk about violated expectations. What they don’t realize, is that every time they avoid a discussion about accountability, they maintain the process and money is wasted.
Building on the skills taught in Crucial Conversations, Crucial Conversations for Accountability teaches a step-by-step process and new skills to enhance accountability, improve performance, and ensure execution. During the preview we will introduce you to the methodology behind the training, and explain in general how you can help people fulfill agreements, rather than judging them.

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Vitalsmarts Crucial Accountability book


Unique virtual classroom

Join the Sneak Previews in our facilitated virtual training classroom. Participating from your home or office is easy through the browser without installing any software. The preview will be highly interactive, using microphones and cameras. In this way you not only experience the training, but you also discover our effective way of virtual/live online training.

Master Trainer Andrew Smock

As a Master Trainer, Andrew is a specialist in content and trains all over the world. He educates trainers, coaches them and guides organizations in their change process. With an impressive style he knows how to reach small and large groups with a lot of interaction and personal examples. Andrew has helped many individuals, teams and organizations to increase effectiveness, achieve better results and strengthen relationships.

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