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Crucial Conversations® for Accountability

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Course Duration

Classroom: 2 days or 4 half days
Virtual: 4 sessions of 3 hours

Fee for English courses

Individual: € 1.250 ex. VAT
In-company: cost advantage from 7 participants

Customer review

9.4 out of 10
based on 39 reviews

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  • Scientifically proven
  • Trainer Certification Program
Complete your Crucial Skills Set

After this course you can subscribe for the one day add-on course ‘Crucial Conversations for Matering Dialogue’ to complete your Crucial Skills Set.

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The vision of Crucial Conversations®
for Accountability

You may recognize this; As a manager, you have made clear agreements with your employee and have had good conversations about this. However, these agreements are regularly not met. It seems like this person just doesn't want to understand, yet it's all very clear. What else can you do? There is clearly a gap between expectations and actual performance. While it may seem that this person "doesn't want to understand", there could be many reasons for this. The training 'Crucial Conversations for Accountability' teaches you to properly analyze the situation and help the other person to close this gap. You use Crucial Conversations techniques, supplemented with the 6 sources of influence.

Next Level Performance Management

Holding employees accountable is the basis for good management performance, both in performance review interviews and in daily work conversations. When leaders build their skills to constructively keep employees accountable, it also increases trust, efficiency, involvement and more. The two-day course Crucial Conversations for Accountability gives managers a practical model with 9 powerful skills to positively influence disappointing performance of their employees.

Who is the training Crucial Conversations® for Accountability suitable for?

The training is suitable for any manager who needs a model with practical skills to discuss disappointing employee performance in a constructive manner. Your accountability techniques will lead to positive behavior change and better results. This training is in fact a performance review training, in which the most important and most difficult part is central.

Video Crucial Conversations for Accountability | VitalTalent

What you will learn

The training teaches you 9 powerful skills to solve performance problems, strengthen trust and reliability and remove inconsistency. Learn to hold everyone accountable, regardless of their power, position or authority.

1. Get unstuck
Identify problems contributing to poor results and struggling relationships.
2. Master my stories
Keep composure when feeling angry or defensive and identify what stories you may be telling yourself.
3. Start with heart
Be clear with yourself and others about what you really want.
4. State my path
Share strong opinions without shutting down others’ viewpoints.
5. Make it safe
Create safety so you can talk with almost anyone about almost anything.
6. Diagnose
Identify what’s contributing to the gap between expected and actual behavior.
7. Make it Easy
Don’t lead with YOUR ideas; start by asking others for theirs.
8. Make it Motivating
Highlight natural consequences to motivate rather than using coercion.
9. Move to action
Turn each accountability discussion into a course of action that leads to better outcomes.

Preview the course

Watch the video to learn more about course skills, learning formats, and delivery options.

Available formats

The course is given both in-person and virtually. Our virtual method is highly interactive with the same high-quality learning effects. The two-day course is the heart of the complete learning experience with an extensive pre- and post-process. There is an open program for individual participants to register for. In addition, the course can also be used incompany for specific teams, but also as part of existing programs for the entire organization. In the latter case, certifying internal trainers can be a good option.

Accountability in action

When leaders know how to keep their employees accountable, improvements are made across the entire organization.


San Antonio School District saw a 50% drop in grievances.


St. Joseph’s Healthcare reported reduction in sick leave from 15 to 12 days per full-time employee, and employee satisfaction rates were 64% higher than provincial average.


Pride International improved their total incident rate by 55% and reported zero accidents that required employees to miss time on the job.


Orkin reported an 8% decrease in turnover, and Pride International decreased turnover by 40%.


Dallas Housing Authority eliminated silos between departments and helped employees take initiative to resolve conflicts with their supervisors.

Become a certified trainer

Crucial Conversations has a unique Train-The-Trainer concept. With an extra 2 days training you will be certified by one of our Master Trainers to teach your own colleagues the 9 powerful skills of Crucial Conversations. With this concept you not only save costs, but you open the door for the entire organization to adopt the standard of effective communication. This way you create a healthy company culture with better results and relationships. Become a member of our trainer community and continue to develop yourself together with peers.

Become a certified trainer | VitalTalent
Customer Experience
9.0 / 10
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Good but quite extensive (2 days)

Anonymous Anonymous at SBM Offshore
10.0 / 10
Star rating iconStar rating iconStar rating iconStar rating iconStar rating icon

This was a perfect moment to agregate value.

Adinaldo Germanio Material Management at SBM Offshore
10.0 / 10
Star rating iconStar rating iconStar rating iconStar rating iconStar rating icon

Very good training!

Thayanna Salgueiro Operations Manager at SBM Offshore
8.6 / 10
Star rating iconStar rating iconStar rating iconStar rating iconStar rating icon

Very nice!

Anonymous Anonymous at SBM Offshore
10.0 / 10
Star rating iconStar rating iconStar rating iconStar rating iconStar rating icon

It was a very good experience to refresh a little about Crucial Conversations and even better to add some now features to it.

Victor Mouta Finance Lead at SBM Offshore
10.0 / 10
Star rating iconStar rating iconStar rating iconStar rating iconStar rating icon

Training was very good, there lot of good and technical ways to improve the crucial conversations and our accountability on it.

Loraydhan Miranda Engineering Project Manager at SBM Offshore
9.4 / 10
Star rating iconStar rating iconStar rating iconStar rating iconStar rating icon

Excellent, everybody should do this training regardless of professional or personal environment.

Anonymous Anonymous at SBM Offshore
10.0 / 10
Star rating iconStar rating iconStar rating iconStar rating iconStar rating icon

It was an amazing opportunity to learn the techniques to go trough a crucial conversation creating a safety dialog.

Hana Rodrigues Finance Manager at SBM Offshore
10.0 / 10
Star rating iconStar rating iconStar rating iconStar rating iconStar rating icon

It was good and helpful!

Vinaya Simha H J Instrumentation Engineer  at SBM Offshore

They successfully use Crucial Conversations for Accountability

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