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Course Duration

Classroom: 1 day or 2 half days
Virtual: 2 sessions of 3 hours

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Open enrollment not available in English
In-company: on request

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Special Facts
  • Based on the work of Carl Jung
  • Immediately applicable on every level
  • International awards
  • Scientifically proven

The Insights Discovery vision

Self-insight is the basis of good collaboration, effective communication, increased productivity and inspiring leadership. The Insights Discovery profile in combination with the half-day training gives each participant more self-insight. This makes your employees and managers more effective and offers your organization an extremely successful future. With our methodology we want to boost the transformation of your organization and the personal development of your team members and managers.

Know yourself and your colleagues as the basis for optimal collaboration

Create the Insights Discovery 4-color profile online and follow the half-day training, in which you get to know yourself and how to use the differences with others. You discover where your own strengths lie and how the powers of others can complement these, so that a basis is formed for optimal teamwork. The common color language makes it easier to identify qualities and pitfalls and to build bridges to colleagues. This ensures that leaders, professionals and even teams as a whole can perform optimally.

Who is Insights Discovery suitable for?

The training with a personal profile is suitable for anyone who wants to get to know themselves better, especially in interaction with colleagues who are different. This makes the Insights Discovery methodology very suitable for use within teams, with the aim of increasing mutual understanding, exploiting each other's differences, resulting in better team performance. The training can also be used at an individual level. Every leader will benefit enormously from these insights. Insights Discovery is an indispensable element within leadership programs. Insights is also very useful for other professionals. What about HR employees who have to deal with the inflow, throughput and outflow of employees?

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What you will learn

You will receive a login code for an online self-analysis. This extensive personal profile contains your personal behavioral preferences, expressed in a palette of 4 colors. It provides clues about your strengths, way of communicating and emotional triggers. There is no right or wrong. It mainly shows why it can sometimes be difficult to work together with others and how you could approach this by making optimal use of the differences from each other. The training is an eye-opener and provides a lot of insight and practical tips for optimal collaboration.

Available formats

The training is given both in class and virtually. Our virtual method is highly interactive with the same high-quality learning effects. The training in combination with the personal profile ensures a very involved learning experience with a lot of impact. The in-company training is suitable for specific teams, but also for groups of managers and professionals. This half day training is particularly suitable as an addition to existing learning programs within your organization.

How does Insights Discovery impact your organization?


By recognizing and acknowledging each other's differences, effective teamwork and division of tasks is created. Indispensable in the pursuit of high performance.


Understanding where the behavior and differences in personalities come from and seeing their strengths ultimately creates mutual trust and respect.


When leaders can analyze and utilize the differences in their team and not strive for all equals of themselves, an optimal, diverse team with many qualities is created.


The various behavioral profiles are accompanied by different forms of emotion that arise under pressure. The right form of communication helps to stay out of conflict as a team under stress and to go for common goals.


The Insights Discovery profile provides reasons and instructions for discussing the development points of the employee concerned. The profile helps to discover the right development direction.


Which candidate with which profile is the perfect addition to the team? The Insights profiles are an important part of every job application and afterwards a handy discussion document for the manager with the new employee.

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