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Crucial Conversations® for Mastering Dialogue

Quick Overview
Course Duration

Classroom: 2 days or 4 half days
Virtual: 4 sessions of 3 hours

Fee for English courses

Individual: € 1.250 ex. VAT
In-company: cost advantage from 7 participants

Customer review

9.3 out of 10
based on 137 reviews

Special Facts
  • International awards
  • Immediately applicable
  • Scientifically proven
  • Trainer Certification Program
Complete your Crucial Skills Set

After this course you can subscribe for the one day add-on course ‘Crucial Conversations for Accountability’ to complete your Crucial Skills Set.

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The vision of Crucial Conversations®
for Mastering Dialogue

Crucial Conversations are conversations with high stakes, different opinions and where emotions can get heated. In these situations we are often not at our best and often exhibit flight and/or fight behaviour. Crucial Conversations teaches you a structured approach with 9 skills to emerge stronger together from these difficult conversations. Important themes are breaking free of prejudices, psychological safety, common interest, respect, trust, openness, honesty and how to communicate this by using the skillset.

The standard in effective communication

More than 30 years of social science research provides the foundation for the powerful 9 skills of the two-day Crucial Conversations training. The practical model therefore forms the standard in effective communication and is the benchmark for the high performance of individuals, teams and organizations.

Who is Crucial Conversations®
suitable for?

The training is suitable for anyone who wants to improve communication under difficult circumstances. The training is useful for many professions, both executives and professionals. Anyone who works with others will find that the 9 skills of Crucial Conversations have a major effect on the quality of results and relationships.

Video Crucial Conversations for Mastering Dialogue | VitalTalent

What you will learn

The course teaches you nine powerful skills for working through disagreement to achieve better results and relationships.

1. Get unstuck
Identify problems contributing to poor results and struggling relationships.
2. Master my stories
Keep composure when feeling angry or defensive and identify what stories you may be telling yourself.
3. Start with heart
Be clear with yourself and others about what you really want.
4. State my path
Share strong opinions without shutting down others’ viewpoints.
5. Make it safe
Create safety so you can talk with almost anyone about almost anything.
6. Learn to look
Spot the warning signs that indicate safety and dialogue are at risk.
7. Seak mutual purpose
Find common ground even when it seems impossible.
8. Explore others' paths
Listen and respond effectively to other people’s concerns and feedback.
9. Move to action
Turn each Crucial Conversation into a course of action that leads to better outcomes.

Preview the course

Watch the video to learn more about course skills, learning formats, and delivery options.

View the course Crucial Conversations for Mastering Dialogue | VitalTalent
Available formats

The course is given both in-person and virtually. Our virtual method is highly interactive with the same high-quality learning effects. The two-day course is the heart of the complete learning experience with an extensive pre- and post-process. There is an open program for individual participants to register for. In addition, the course can also be used incompany for specific teams, but also as part of existing programs for the entire organization. In the latter case, certifying internal trainers can be a good option.

How can improved dialogue impact your company?


Sprint reported a 93% improvement in meeting productivity metrics.


Rocky Mountain Equipment reduced staff turnover from 30% to 16%.


Pride International reduced safety incidents by 55% in one year.


AT&T reduced billing costs by 30% and Sprint reduced customer care expenses by $20 million annually.


Employees at MaineGeneral Health were 16% more likely to speak up and resolve problems with colleagues after going through Crucial Conversations for Mastering Dialogue.


San Antonio School District saw a 50% drop in grievances that previously clogged the administrative system.

Become a certified trainer

Crucial Conversations has a unique Train-The-Trainer concept. With an extra 2 days training you will be certified by one of our Master Trainers to teach your own colleagues the 9 powerful skills of Crucial Conversations. With this concept you not only save costs, but you open the door for the entire organization to adopt the standard of effective communication. This way you create a healthy company culture with better results and relationships. Become a member of our trainer community and continue to develop yourself together with peers.

Become a certified trainer | VitalTalent
Customer Experience
9.4 / 10
Star rating iconStar rating iconStar rating iconStar rating iconStar rating icon

Helpfull and specialy for new leaders crucial.

Anonymous Anonymous at Inter IKEA Systems BV
10.0 / 10
Star rating iconStar rating iconStar rating iconStar rating iconStar rating icon

I liked it that we had a lot of practice.

Natalia Lakusheva Business navigation manager at Inter IKEA Systems BV
10.0 / 10
Star rating iconStar rating iconStar rating iconStar rating iconStar rating icon

Very interesting!

Anonymous Anonymous at Inter IKEA Systems BV
9.6 / 10
Star rating iconStar rating iconStar rating iconStar rating iconStar rating icon

It is very useful and an opening mind.

Anonymous Anonymous at Inter IKEA Systems BV
9.6 / 10
Star rating iconStar rating iconStar rating iconStar rating iconStar rating icon

Productive & interactive

Anonymous Anonymous at Federation of European Microbiological Societies (FEMS)
9.8 / 10
Star rating iconStar rating iconStar rating iconStar rating iconStar rating icon

Really inspirational and just as good the second time as the first. I’m delighted Willeke was able to impart all these wise lessons and frameworks with my new team.

Elise Kuurstra Executive Director & CEO  at Federation of European Microbiological Societies (FEMS)
8.6 / 10
Star rating iconStar rating iconStar rating iconStar rating iconStar rating icon

The training provided me with a relevant, relatable set of concepts and processes that are helping me more clearly understand how to unpack the dynamics of complex encounters with others, and how to more effectively envision and achieve more fruitful two-way communication in these circumstances.

Anonymous Anonymous at EAIE
10.0 / 10
Star rating iconStar rating iconStar rating iconStar rating iconStar rating icon

I learned a lot and liked it.

Jackie van Doorn Project management officer at EAIE
9.2 / 10
Star rating iconStar rating iconStar rating iconStar rating iconStar rating icon

Great training with valuable insights allowing me to have more awareness on how I feel and act, and sharing concrete tools on how to have a crucial conversation.

Anonymous Anonymous at EAIE

They successfully use Crucial Conversations® for Mastering Dialogue

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