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Crucial Conversations for Mastering Dialogue

How to create psychological safety in conversations?

Do you want the RIGHT conversation to take place within your team or organization? This learning experience offers high-quality skills to improve dialogue, instead of falling into fight (violence) or flight (silence) behavior.

• Interactive session from 15.30pm to 17.00 CET
• Free access for HR, L&D, management, executives and executives.
• Max. number of participants is 20. Register on time!

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What to Expect?

Let’s take a closer look at the following topics during the online introduction to Crucial Conversations for Mastering Dialogue:

• How does psychological safety affect communication within teams?
• Why don’t people speak up and is this reinforced in the current “work from home” climate?
• What effect does it have on people if they don’t speak up?

Discover some skills from the training that you can use right away:

• Learn to recognize the moment when a conversation becomes crucial.
• Recognize fight and flight behavior in yourself and others.
• Tips for returning to a healthy dialogue.

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Unique virtual classroom

Join the Sneak Previews in our facilitated virtual training classroom. Participating from your home or office is easy through the browser without installing any software. The preview will be highly interactive, using microphones and cameras. In this way you not only experience the training, but you also discover our effective way of virtual/live online training.

Master Trainer Andrew Smock

As a Master Trainer, Andrew is a specialist in content and trains all over the world. He educates trainers, coaches them and guides organizations in their change process. With an impressive style he knows how to reach small and large groups with a lot of interaction and personal examples. Andrew has helped many individuals, teams and organizations to increase effectiveness, achieve better results and strengthen relationships.

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You can sign up for the Sneak Preview of the Crucial Conversations for Mastering Dialogue training via the button below. Please note that this session is specifically designed to introduce HR and L&D professionals, managers and executives to the training. After filling in the form, the registration will be confirmed by us and you will receive all the information needed to participate.

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