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Getting Things Done® The art of stress-free productivity

Quick Overview
Course Duration

Classroom: 1 day
Virtual: 2 sessions of 3 hours

Fee for English courses

Individual: € 695 ex. VAT
In-company: on request

Customer review

9.3 out of 10
based on 260 reviews

Special Facts
  • Based on the bestseller by David Allen
  • Immediately applicable
  • International awards
  • Trainer Certification Program
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The vision of Getting Things Done®

Getting Things Done® is a practical methodology for personal productivity that redefines your approach for work and life. In six clear steps you will learn how to apply order to chaos. The Getting Things Done® training is based on decades of research, leading to a gold mine of personal productivity tips. Learn strategies for getting a lot more accomplished with much less effort and stress.

Productivity with Purpose

Join the one-day course and learn the powerful skills of Getting Things Done®, based on the international bestseller of David Allen. Your new skills will relieve cognitive load and reduce stress. The methodology will allow for increased focus on your way to high-performance..

Who is Getting Things Done® suitable for?

The training is suitable for everyone who wants to be more productive and focused in order to achieve better results. You’ll learn skills to manage the constant flow of information, tasks, and distractions. This new system will bring you peace of mind; that enables you to be more productive, more focused and experience less stress..

Getting Things Done Course | VitalTalent

What you will learn

The course teaches you six powerful skills to build your personal workflow management system.

1. Capture
Capture every commitment you make, whether to yourself or others.
2. Clarify
Identify the very next action that would move you toward clompletion
3. Organize
Organize your commitments in a trusted system—an “external brain.”
4. Reflect
Scan your calendar and lists before you make new ones, or say no with integrity.
5. Engage
Use your system to take action with confidence and focus.
6. Renew Through Review
Make time each week to get clear on your highest priorities and review regularly.

Preview the course

Watch the video to learn more about course skills, learning formats, and delivery options.

Available formats

The course is given both in-person and virtually. Our virtual method is highly interactive with the same high-quality learning effects. The one-day course is the heart of the complete learning experience with an extensive pre- and post-process. There is an open program for individual participants to register for. In addition, the course can also be used in-company for specific teams, but also as part of existing programs for the entire organization. In the latter case, certifying internal trainers can be a good option.

How could your team improve with Getting Things Done®?


Nine of ten GTD graduates report permanently changing a time-management behavior. They also report that their new time management skills save them an average of 21 to 40 minutes EACH DAY.


Our research shows people who use the GTD skills are 55 times less likely to say they start projects that never get finished and 18 times less likely to say they often feel overwhelmed.


At Qualtrics, 100% of GTD graduates improved their ability to hit deadlines and deliver on commitments. And 96% said GTD helped them improve their daily effectiveness or ability to execute and stay on course.


At MasterControl, 80% of GTD graduates said they are better at processing their email inbox. They also reported a strong correlation between their new GTD skills and a positive trend in customer feedback.


Teams that have a shared process for managing and executing work foster cultures of trust and engagement. At Menlo Innovations, the GTD skills not only generated results, but also reduced stress and increased joy in the workplace.

Become a certified trainer

Getting Things Done® has a unique Train-The-Trainer concept. With 3 days extra of training you will be certified by one of our Master Trainers to teach your own colleagues the 6 powerful skills of Getting Things Done®. With this concept you not only save costs, but you open the door for the entire organization to adopt the art of stress-free productivity. This way you create a healthy company with a high-performance culture. Become a member of our trainer community and continue to develop yourself together with peers.

Become a certified trainer | VitalTalent
Customer Experience
9.0 / 10
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It was a nice and structured training.

Loes Keijsers Tech support at Sendcloud
10.0 / 10
Star rating iconStar rating iconStar rating iconStar rating iconStar rating icon

The training that will surely change my life!!

Edson Guzman Technical Support Specialist at Sendcloud
8.5 / 10
Star rating iconStar rating iconStar rating iconStar rating iconStar rating icon

Very interesting methodology, I learned a lot and it was very helpful to work on some concrete/real life cases and issues.

Gweltaz Laconjarriat Technical Support Specialist at Sendcloud

They successfully use Getting Things Done

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