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Situational Leadership® for Building Leaders

Quick Overview
Course Duration

Classroom: 1 days or 2 half days
Virtual: 2 sessions of 3 hours

Fee for English courses

Individual: € 750 ex. VAT
In-company: cost advantage from 6 participants

Special Facts
  • The original model
    of Dr. Paul Hersey
  • Immediately applicable
  • Scientifically proven
  • Most used leadership model
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VitalTalent runs a partnership with The Center of Leadership Studies, founder and exclusive IP owner of the original name and model of Situational Leadership®, based on the work of Dr. Paul Hersey.

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The foundation for effective leadership

Situational Leadership® is a one-day training where leaders learn to understand and apply the world-famous Situational Leadership® model of Dr. Paul Hersey. This gives managers the insights and skills to motivate and help their team members, colleagues and other stakeholders to perform the right tasks in the right way. These skills are adapted to a rapidly changing world, with more diversity and an increasingly international environment. The Situational Leadership® skills are widely applicable under all circumstances and provide leaders the tools to handle the everyday challenges in today's demanding work environment.

The vision of Situational Leadership®

The world famous Situational Leadership® model is a timeless, repeatable framework for leaders to align their behavior with the performance needs of the individual or group they are trying to influence. With Situational Leadership®, managers learn to analyze the Performance Readiness® level per employee per specific task. Based on this analysis, the manager communicates the right leadership style by varying between more or less directive, task-oriented behavior and more or less supportive, relationship-oriented behavior. This gives the employee exactly what is needed in that situation at that moment. This has a motivating effect and helps to develop a task performance quickly. Someone with little experience will want to know many details and needs a directing, task-oriented style. Someone with quite a bit of experience, but still with some uncertainty, needs a supportive, relationship-oriented style. We distinguish a total of 4 leadership styles that the manager can use on the basis of Performance Readiness® for a specific task.

Who is Situational Leadership®
suitable for?

The training is suitable for any manager with at least 6 months of leadership experience, who believes in developing the potential of team members. The training provides tools and a practical model to apply the right leadership style based on a logical diagnosis, appropriate to the employee's development level and needs. For first-time managers we run a specific training course.

What you will learn

Prior to the training, the 360° LEAD assessment is used. The manager completes a simple self-test and invites a few employees, colleagues, his own manager and possibly other stakeholders to answer the simple questions anonymously. This gives the participating manager a picture of the primary leadership behavior and the different styles that is used and experienced by others. The outcome of the LEAD 360° assessment is constructively explained and discussed during the training. During the training, the leader learns to apply 4 core competencies based on the Situational Leadership® model:

  • Diagnose employee's Performance Readiness® level to perform a specific task.
  • Choose the right leadership style based on this diagnosis and master the associated leadership behavior.
  • Communicate and influence in a way that employees can both understand and accept.
  • Making progress, by managing the movement towards high performance.
Based on an analysis of the 4 Performance Readiness® levels, we distinguish 4 leadership styles: Telling, Selling, Participating and Delegating.

Available formats

The course is given both in-person and virtually. Our virtual method is highly interactive with the same high-quality learning effects. The one-day course is the heart of the complete learning experience with an extensive pre- and post-process. There is an public program for individual participants to register for. In addition, the course can also be organized in-company for a selected group of leaders, but also as part of existing leadership programs for the entire organization.

How can Situational Leadership® impact your company?

Common Language

It creates a common leadership language and culture within the organization.


Leaders are able to exert positive influence in several directions.


Task-specific is viewed as a measure of performance rather than characterizing employees as a whole.

Behavior Change

It enables leaders to effectively change ineffective behavior.

Development Employees

It accelerates the pace and increases the quality of developing employees towards high-performance.

Respond to environment

Managers are able to accurately estimate changes and respond effectively to them.

They successfully use Situational Leadership®


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