Abbott Laboratories
Abbott Laboratories - Arnoud de Jonge, Director of Operational Excellence and Business Operations

How do you improve teamwork? Abbott Nutrition has implemented the Influencer training over the last few years. We've certified in-house trainers that have trained from Spain to Singapore and from India to Chicago. Many of our locations have noticed the powerful change that Influencer brought in creating effective behavior. The interactive training method has proven to be successful and has contributed to winning the prestigious 'Shingo' prize at four Abbott factories, an award that focuses primarily on “getting the best out of your people”.

SBM Offshore
SBM Offshore - Jetske van de Schaaf, Global HR business partner Governance and Strategy

As a project engineering organization, we realize that "technical brains" are often less strong in speaking up, especially on difficult topics. The result we see after 2 years of intensive Crucial Conversations training, is that the awareness of our managers and professionals improves and that engagement and exceptional team performance are not created by directive leadership and silence, but by stepping into dialogue, truly understanding each other and then find the solutions that improve results.


Crucial Conversations

8.2 / 10

Nathalie Fuchs

Very useful theory and training to untangle and address difficult conversations both in professional and private life.

Crucial Conversations

9 / 10

Matthijs Naujoks

This training is really helpful for me to improve my skills by good balance between plenary, theory, videos and breakouts.

Crucial Conversations

9.4 / 10

Joanne Koo

I appreciate the opportunity, enjoyed the training, finding the methodology useful, and looking forward to see the results/differences when I put it into practice.

Crucial Conversations

8.2 / 10

Oleg Zupnik

It was interesting for me to learn how to conduct virtual training. Lots of good things. Thank you.

Crucial Conversations

9.8 / 10

Daniela Rongstock

I benefitted a lot of the course and enjoyed the interactivity. It will help, since in business transformation and continuous improvement Crucial Conversations occur frequently. I felt fully involved all the time.

Crucial Conversations

10 / 10

Aleksandra Drabik

It was a good combination of theory and practice although time for working on own case was too short.

Crucial Conversations

9.6 / 10

Mikhail B

Good pace, appropriate breaks. very interactive.
Strong content and trainer.

Crucial Conversations

9.8 / 10

Alisa Sirotina

Very well paced and very useful knowledge shared by great trainers.

Crucial Conversations

9.2 / 10

Lamprini Fameli

It was very enlightening!

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