L&D: The New Competitive Advantage

Our latest study of more than 1,000 training managers and employees shows that there is a gap between what employees want in terms of learning and development and what organizations offer.

Shockingly, nearly half of employees feel their organization doesn’t provide them with L&D opportunities they truly value. And yet, employees also believe that L&D is vital to their job performance, team performance and corporate culture. How are your programs doing? Are you meeting the learning needs of your employees?

View the results of our research to help you plan and create an L&D program that can become your organization’s greatest competitive advantage.

Download the ebook without any obligation and learn:
– 5 tips to close the L&D gap and better meet employee needs and expectations;
– What kind of learning opportunity your employees really value;
– How to set up a better L&D system.

L&D The New Competitive Advantage

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