Team Leadership Training for
High-Performance Teams

Quick Overview
Course Duration

Classroom: 1 day of 2 half days
Virtual: 2 sessions of 3 hours

Fee for English courses

Open enrollment not available in English
In-company: on request

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Special Facts
  • Based on the SLII® model: perfect add-on
  • Immediately applicable
  • Focused on reaching High-Performance
  • Scientifically proven

The vision of Team Leadership Training

Many teams are facing a lack of shared purpose and an abundance of unclear goals and ineffective leadership. Organization and teams are capable of so much more. Every team leader should have the chance to develop skills to reach high-performance. You want your managers to know how to deal with conflict, provide clarity and break through barriers to move the team forward. Based on SLII®, the most widely taught leadership model in the world, Blanchard’s Team Leader Training teaches leaders to diagnose their team’s development and apply the right leadership style to build and sustain high-performance teams. By teaching managers these leadership skills, you can improve your teams’ ability to execute on projects, grow the business, and adapt to whatever arises.

The impact of 'we'

Imagine a workforce of teams that works together efficiently, finds solutions to complex problems, and consistently produces superior results throughout the organization. In this case we clearly speak of the impact of “We”. Unfortunately, it is not self-evident that team members pursue the same goals and work together easily. To achieve a culture of high-performing teams we need to train our leaders how to develop their teams to: improve collaboration, achieve superior results, increase innovation and constantly reach high-performance. The impact of “We” is supported by a 5-step Team Performance Process: Benchmark, Charter, Diagnosis, Match and Sustain.

Who is the Team Leadership Training
suitable for?

The training is suitable for every team leader who strives for high-performance and who would like to use a process model to apply the right management style from a team diagnosis. It is recommended to follow the SLII® training first.

What you will learn

The 1-day Team Leadership Training feature engaging materials, videos, and activities that teach participants:

    Orients team leaders with a set of guiding principles that help teams perform at their best;
    Identification of team development stages all teams progress through, diagnosis of team needs, and understanding of what high-performing teams do at each stage;
    Leader behaviors that help their teams the most; e.g., structuring a team charter, leveraging conflict, fostering team accountability, encouraging risk taking.
  • Available formats

    Implement the Team Leadership Training in your organization as a 1-day face-to-face workshop or as two 3-hour virtual sessions. Our virtual method is highly interactive with high-quality learning effects. The workshop is the heart of the learning experience with an extensive pre- and post-process. The workshop can be used in-company for all managers and can also become a part of existing leadership programs. It’s recommended to combine this Team Leadership Training with SLII®.

    What effect can the Team Leadership Training have on your organization?


    High-performance teams bring together complementary skills, strengths, and experience that exceed the abilities of any single member.


    Effective teams are empowered and accountable—they consistently execute strategy, meet goals, and deliver superior results.


    Working together, team members share their ideas, talent, and viewpoints to creatively solve problems and develop innovative solutions.


    Team members, who have been part of a cohesive, winning team, spread the skills and benefits of high-performance across your organization.

    They successfully use Team Leadership

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