The knowledge and skills of leaders have a strong influence on the results of the organization. They influence important success factors such as engagement, productivity, and decision making. Unfortunately, good managers and leaders are not born with the right skills to to motive, support, and develop their employees.

The Ken Blanchard Companies believe that every employee deserves to work for a great leader. The organization has been for over 35 years THE company for leadership training and development. In those 35 years, they’ve trained millions of managers worldwide to be the best possible leaders for for their employees. As a result, the employees are motivated to bring out the best in themselves. This is how organizations turn into fantastic work places and how improvement in key success factors can be achieved.

SLII® Experience

Great managers aren't born, they're trained

  • Speed up the development of your employees
  • Develop active problem solvers
  • Be the leader your people need
Great managers aren't born they're trained

Ken Blanchard training solutions as part of a Learning Journey

Our Learning Journeys go a step further than attending a public workshop or single in-company training. The training solutions have a synergy so they help employees to develop effective skills and insights. Our Learning Journeys are always customized to fit your organization’s specific learning needs in order to create a high-performance company culture.


    All of our training programs are constantly developed at an international level, ensuring that the latest insights in the areas of leadership and teamwork are incorporated.


    Every Learning Journey is unique and tailor-made by our Learning & Development consultants. Using the learning needs of the organization as basis, the Learning Journey is designed without any additional development costs.




Ken Blanchard is co-founder of The Ken Blanchard Companies, and is still closely involved with the organization. Dr. Blanchard is a prominent author, inspiring keynote speaker, and has a great deal of expertise in business consulting. His ground-breaking research and thought-leadership continue to contribute to the success of leaders around the world. He is considered to be one of top researchers and writers who have had an influence on daily working life.

The passion of Ken Blanchard is to help every leader develop into a servant leader. He endeavors to do this for leaders all over the world by sharing insights through remarkable training programs, speaches, best selling books, and as consultant. He always communicates from his heart and with lots of humor. He is skilled at making one-to-one contact with people, regardless of the size of the audience.

Portrait Ken Blanchard Training
Ken Blanchard – founder The Ken Blanchard Companies